FlipCat aka Tomcat, Whiskers, Flexible Cat of Nine

The DeTails Flexible Cat Whip aka The FlipCat™ is part flogger, part whip, part cat and will be one of the most versatile tools in your toy bag. It can be thrown with both whip and flogger throws and is fantastic for florentine, 2-handed techniques. You can wield it hard and stingy using the knots or feather soft just using the tips, but either way you'll be amazed at the quality and control you have in your hand. If you are new to using whips this is also a great choice as it's multi tails & tassells are very forgiving and EXTREMELY easy to use! This toy starts out with 20 inches of shot loaded 12 plait single tail. Then there are nine 15' braided 'cat' tails that each finish with 4 stingy knots followed by four soft/conditioned 5' tassells. The complete piece is 38' from top knot to the end of the tails and has a total of 36 tassells to strike with. (All sizes are approximate and can vary slightly)

For you whip connoisseurs, here is some more info. This is our version of the popular 'Tomcat'™, 'Whiskers'™ and other 'flexible cats' you may have seen. Up until now this toy has been priced at over $300 by competent whip makers as it's a very labor intensive product. We thought that there must be some way to make a quality cat with a much lower price, SO WE DID! We created a 12 plait, shot loaded beauty that is of the quality you've come to expect from DeTails Toys. The only difference between the more expensive pieces is that the cat tails (which you don't use to hit with) are hand braided (ours are machine braided) and the leather is kangaroo (ours is rugged cow hide with nicely conditioned ends to keep them soft but not TOO soft). Those two changes make the product much cheaper for us to produce and we can pass the savings on to you like we do with all our products. (Tomcat and Whiskers are trademarks of their respective owners and are not affiliated with DeTails Toys)


Priced at $165 each/$299 pair

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FlipCat aka Tomcat, Whiskers, Flexible Cat of Nine

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